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TGA supports the business development of companies from the United States, Europe and Latin America. Located in Miami, we are the first gate to your new destination market. Make your clients more accessible with TGA!

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Are you aware that there are over 600 million Latin American consumers that you may not be reaching?

Latin America's potential is usually forgotten. The continent has numerous developing countries with similar languages and cultures.

TGA’s team has vast experience in this market and strong relationships with the shakers and movers of this market. So we are uniquely equipped to help businesses develop a strategy to enter this market in a successful and sustainable way.


Is USA the potential biggest market for your business?

If so, and you don’t have a presence here, then you are not reaching your biggest market. You may be giving the opportunity to any potential competitor to eventually become bigger, and take your local market.

TGA will organically expand your business through the United States. Our Consulting Partners have the experience in expanding businesses throughout the country. As a reference, we helped one client open 65 offices, and recruit and manage over 700 sale representatives all over the territory.

About Us

Tactical Growth Advisors is a consulting firm specializing in helping businesses develop sustainable growth strategies. We help our clients enhance their businesses in terms of revenues, profitability, sustainability, and value.

We work directly with CEOs, business owners, executive teams, and their Boards to develop a TACTICAL, cohesive and logical road map tailored to achieve their business vision and expectations.

We are an outstanding business development and management team with the passion to bring your business further.

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In just a few months of operations we have helped companies in different industries expand their markets. For example, we oversee the business development and expansion within the US and LATAM for companies in the following industries: Business Intelligence and Big Data software, Healthcare (Medical Equipment and Medical devices import and export), Higher education (Mentoring and recruiting of foreign students for US colleges), financial services and others.


"The TGA team led our business development in Latin America. Our sales grew in double digits."
-Health Asset Network
"TGA was key to develop our business. Thanks to TGA we are expanding our business in Latin America and the US."
"TGA was of incredible help for our expansion in Latin America"
-Venture First


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